Welcome to the new year!

Welcome back everyone! I know I have been off the radar for a while, but I have been busy! First, I revamped the website to be more integrated and functional. Please check back here often! I will be updating the site more frequently and will keep all of my newsletter posts here. I know some of you are visiting for the first time, and some are old friends, but I want to let all of you know that I truly value you as a customer and contact.

Electronic Caregiver is launching some new technologies this year. They recently upgraded their PERS systems to 4G and they are releasing Addison this year. They just completed the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last week, where Addison Care Artificial intelligence was a giant success! Stay tuned for its availability. Please check her out at Addison.care

I continue to install provide aging in place services throughout the northeast, utilizing innovative products to make keeping you home safely my top priority. Whether it is basic grab bars, commode and shower chair, or ramps and transfer lift systems, I am available to assist you. Please let all of your friends know!

Lastly, toward the end of the year, I was named the National Director of Health and Safety for Age Safe America. This is a true honor and privilege to provide training and technology services to professional organizations and new senior home safety specialists throughout the United States. I also became a member of the Aging Life Care Association- a nationwide group of geriatric care managers who can help with all of the complexities of senior care.

2020 is off to a running start. I look forward to serving you and your customers in the coming years. As always, please reach out at Kris@seniorsafeaging.com if there is anything you need.

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