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Are Cutout Bath Tub Systems the Cost Effective Solution for Bathrooms?


Did you know it is possible to have an opening cut in the front wall of your bathtub and convert your existing tub into a walk-in shower? It is and the technique to do so is called a “Tub Cut.” SeniorSafe personally installs the Clean Cut Bath Systems.

How Does Clean Cut Bath Work?
Simply, we use a saw to cut out a piece of the front wall of your bathtub and then refinish the tub walls, thereby creating a doorway in the sidewall of the tub. After the tub to shower conversion has been completed, a few inch threshold will still remain at the bottom of the opening. The remaining threshold combined with a shower curtain will work together to keep the water inside, effectively turning your bathtub into a walk-in shower stall.
IF others in your household still wish to use the tub for soaking, a door-insert is optional and can be added. Door inserts are equipped with a hinged door allowing the user to step in and out through the opening. When the door is closed, it is designed to seal the opening in the tub wall allowing members of the household who wish to take a soaking bath to do so.

Who Would Benefit From a Tub Cut?
Persons who can’t…
1. Step over the bathtub wall.
2. Lift their legs over the tub wall whilst using a tub bench to enter the tub.
3. People who have a history of falling or neurological conditions.

FAQ’s About Tub Cuts
1. Can a Tub Cut be performed on all types of tubs?
In most cases, the answer is YES! We perform this on porcelain, steel, acrylic, fiberglass, and cast iron tubs.

2. How long does it take to complete an install?

We complete them in less than a day! Often they are installed in 3 or 4 hours. Of course cast iron and steel will take longer as we have to tape off the room to prevent splintered metal fragments from getting in the walls. ONce the install is completed it typically takes 24 hours for the materials to cure for use.

3. Can the threshold be completely eliminated?
No. Since the bathtub floor does not rest flush against the ground, it is not possible to eliminate the threshold entirely. The threshold must extend a little bit above the interior tub floor the prevent water from running out of the opening.

4. How high will the threshold be?
It is typically about 4 inches above the floor. However, it is important to note that if there is any flaring, or decorative angles to the tub wall this must be taken into account. The bottom of the insert is blocked from the inside to maintain structural integrity of the wall and this requires a little lift.

5. Does the opening have to be centered?
No. The opening can be positioned in the middle of the tub wall or off-center to one side or the other. It is often set off the center of the wall to account for toilets, or preferred side of entry for the customer. It does need to be where the width of the tub wall is consistent. For example, the middle 2/3 of the tub may be 4 inches wide, but the edges round. Where it starts getting thicker is where the edge should be. This is important to maintain the structural integrity of the walls.

10. How much does the project cost?

On average, we install these systems for $1000-$2000. Of course, prices vary depending on the material your tub is made out of. It is substantially cheaper than installing a walk in shower, which will run in excess of $5,000-$10,000. Additionally, the project is completed in less than a day and is usable within 24 hours!

As all of you know, we offer all the solutions you need to get safely into and out of your tub. From tub seats and grab bars, to walk in shower systems. We try to accommodate every price range to arrive at the most cost effective solution for you! Thanks for reading and please reach out with any questions at


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