What to Do About Coronavirus?

What Are Seniors to Do about Coronavirus? This is truly proving to be a once in a lifetime reaction to an illness! Worldwide we are witnessing quarantines, social distancing, food and supply shortages at grocery, overworked medical staff, shortages of medical supplies, and closed restaurants and shops. The economic impact on businesses and consumers will prove trying in the coming weeks. My children are home from school until at least April (and they are already bored with being home!) with online learning being trialed at the end of the week. These are interesting times indeed!

The most vulnerable group of people are seniors. Seniors in Nursing homes are not allowed to discharge. Visitation is significantly restricted. It is advised to not visit them at their homes if you are potentially exposed to the virus. Homecare agencies are being tasked with increasing their caregiving needs, however, they already have a shortage of staff before this! Visiting nursing agencies, who are attempting to provide that bridge of medical care to recently returning ill and seniors are being told to hold their visits for several weeks, or to discharge their customers entirely by family members. This lack of monitoring for our most vulnerable is deeply concerning to professionals and to our loved ones! Remote monitoring of people is an option.

Explore Electronic Caregiver’s ProHealth system- it is a comprehensive public health and safety monitoring system. Some of the reassuring features are:

24/7 powering by Amazon Web Services and AT&T Wireless
24/7 Health Emergency Wearable Pendant
Monitored body temperature vital device and daily reminder
Voice controlled virtual health assessment
Monitored medication reminders
24/7 physician on demand service-PocketMD
Remote monitoring ability by loved ones and professions – RemoteCare 24/7 app

This system is able to replace worry with care for all interested parties and is very low cost for the piece of mind offered. 

Many of you may not know this, but I serve as the national director of health and safety product sales for Age Safe America. We have been wondering how we can contribute in some small way to keeping our most vulnerable safe and we have arranged a substantial savings on this product with Electronic Caregiver. Age Safe America is able to offer an additional 25% off this product for all people who obtain a system through them. 

Please learn more about this system at: https://agesafeamerica.com/coronavirus-get-24-7-chronic-care-and-monitoring/

As always, my team and I are here to help. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have!



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