The Post Covid Business Environment

Covid has proven quite a challenging environment for individuals and businesses alike. As we navigate the reopening our scientists are learning more about the virus, we are learning how to operate businesses with increased awareness of safety and cleanliness. SeniorSAFE operates in the construction community, and we are required to access spaces of your homes. We are using gloves, masks, and bleach wipes for each object. Whenever possible, we are trying to avoid contact with our customers (asking them to stay 6 feet away, having payments placed in a location rather than passing to us, or even paying electronically, etc.). A core part of our business is performing a safety assessment. This does sometimes require us to have our customers demonstrate certain skills so we are able to best meet their needs. We are very sensitive to each individuals safety and take every precaution possible. We have been successful in reporting zero transmissions among our customers!

Some of our projects during this time period include: installing a ceiling transfer lift system, installing grab bars, building railings, and installing cutout bathroom systems. Of course, we continue to activate Electronic Caregiver systems to keep our customers safe and improve their remote monitoring capabilities for their children and medical professionals. What methods are you using for safety in this new environment?

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