Derry, New Hampshire 03038
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6 Redfield Circle, Derry, New Hampshire 03038, United States

We made a stylish, functional, beautiful Master Disability Suite. Any one would love it. See for yourself.

SeniorSAFE truly aims for client-centered solutions to problems. What was once a dining room has been converted into a beautiful  Master Disability Suite.

We require that our clients are engaged and participatory in their solutions, so that it works for THEM!

Notice the oversized, easy open sliding barn door, maximizing space and ensuring full privacy.

We utilized non-slip, vinyl plank flooring, minimizing fall risk. An ADA compliant sink with lever lever handle faucet makes for one handed use.

We also added a 21-inch high toilet with retractable grab bars, so as needs change, assistance can be provided, with a built in storage nook within easy reach.

The highlight of this space, however, is the wheelchair accessible shower, with all the grab handles, and flip up shower seat.

A well done project.