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Aging in place services. Improving safety affordably and thoughtfully. Tackling everything from grab bar installation and lighting changes to walk in showers and entryway modifications.

Check out a recent Bathroom Safety Project!

Check out a recent Aging In Place Project!

Safe. Easy. Wonderful.

Walk In Showers

Walk-in showers don’t require a curtains or door to block water spray! Many walk-in showers have no curbs to step over, instead they gently slope providing greater accessibility. Walk-in showers are great for those with mobility issues. Also many walk-in showers include multi-nozzle directing water to different parts of your body and making it easier to bathe.

From This to That. Wow!

Tub To Shower Conversion

We’ve all got a remodeling wish list. And always  high on the list is converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers make bathrooms feel as though there is more space and give bathrooms a clean lovely look. Walk-in showers don’t require curtains or doors to block water making them feel and look open and welcoming. Walk-in showers are designed so you can practically walk right into them with no or very low curbs. We can install your new shower quickly and make  sure it’s so clean you won’t know we were there!

Beautiful. Pleasing. Soothing.

Clean Cut Bath

How Does Clean Cut Bath Work? Simply, we saw a piece of the front wall of your bathtub, and then refinishing tub walls, creating a doorway in the tub sidewall. When completed, a threshold remains at the bottom of the opening and combined with a shower curtain will work together to keep the water inside, turning your bathtub into a walk-in shower stall!

If others in your household still wish to use the tub for soaking, a door-insert is optional and can be added. Door inserts are equipped with a hinged door allowing the user to step in and out through the opening. When the door is closed, it is designed to seal the opening in the tub wall allowing members of the household who wish to take a soaking bath to do so.

Safety. Caution. Comfort.

Grab Bars

We’re all aging in place and interested in more safety and comfort. Bathrooms can be safe and and deliver peace of mind even when balance becomes an issue by installing grab bars. Grab bars give older adults the ability to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Grab bars help balance while standing, moving around, or getting in and out of various bathroom appliances.


People Saying Nice Things. Testimonials.

Hi Kris- I just wanted to let you and Tim know that my mom passed away last Wednesday 8/24 early evening. It was a really tough day for her and thankfully she calmed and was comfortable in the end. I can’t thank you both enough for all you did for her!! She loved you both, spoke of you often and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you guys in the porch. The ramp made it easier for her to enjoy the outdoors as you know she was really proud of her plants and flowers. The shower was a godsend because it helped mom remain independent right up until the end. She needed assistance here and there but for the most part did it herself and as you know she wished to remain independent till the end and thanks to you she did. I will always be grateful!! Thank you again Kris, Jo

Joanne R.
I can’t thank you both enough

I'm a woman alone with her 13 year old daughter who just moved and had the very worst moving company service imaginable. The men were high on meth, rude, gross, unkempt, inappropriate language, stole from me, no-shows, late, ... the list is long. You did what I needed and asked for to be done, you were preemptively communicative regarding our appointment date reducing my labor of things to remember, you didn't give me a hard time when I canceled the first time with just shy of 48hrs notice, you pick of the equipment needed for me, you were on time, polite, I and my daughter felt safe with you in our home (kind of a big deal), my cats liked you, you were fast with your work, you never made me feel inept or ``kept``, you offered to do tedious things like vacuum, and ... the next time I need help... I want to be memorable. I've got a lot on my plate and my dad is taking care of my ailing grandparents several states away. You earned what you were paid.

Jennifer G.
You did what I needed and asked for to be done

Good news: your recommendation of Kris Rench was enormously helpful. He came to the house awhile back and gave us encouragement about staying here. Today he's scheduled to install grab bars in strategic locations. I can't thank you enough for suggesting him. He is a remarkable man: experienced, skilled, dedicated and utterly charming and kind. Isn't it interesting that something as unwelcome as ALS can become the source of wonderful human connections? For all my complaining about the avalanche of appointments, I'm enormously grateful to have met such outstanding people. They give one renewed faith in goodness--something even better than drugs, right?

David M.
Kris Rench was enormously helpful...

Not only did Kris do an excellent job, but he is also extremely thorough in his communication—a rarity when it comes to contractors! He was running a little late due to weather and traffic. He texted updates and still arrived that same day as planned. I enjoyed chatting with him and appreciate the great work!

Helen H.
Extremely thorough in his communication...

Kris arrived on time, did an exceptionally good job, cleaned up after job completion, and was very personable. I would recommend him!

Stephen B.
An exceptionally good job...

Job well done as expected, liability and punctuality, kind and very cooperative, good price for the same work asked more by others pros.

Herman K.
Very cooperative...

Thank you for your good humor, your easy, breezy personality. and your specialty expertise. You have transformed Colleen’s bathroom into an oasis where she will be safe and comfortable, and where her caregivers can provide the assistance she needs without obstacles. We are all so grateful to have had privilege of working with you!

Cathy S.
Amazing job, Kris!

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