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Aging-in-place services that expertly improve safety and affordability while remaining client centered. Projects include: simple grab bar installation, bathroom renovations, wheelchair ramps, low vision lighting changes, dementia proofing, geriatric technology installation, accessible bathrooms and kitchens, and accessory dwelling units.

Licensed Occupational Therapist in NH & Massachusetts
Specialty certifications in dementia, low vision, manual therapy. Certified senior home safety specialist.
Licensed Contractor. Knowledge & Experience.
Home improvement contractors license in Massachusetts. Fully insured as a safety consultant, and as a contractor.
Converting obstacles & problems into solutions & comfort, safely.
The clinical reasoning aspect of our business is our greatest asset. We are not installers, we are problem solvers! We don’t just know HOW, we know WHY!
Safety and peace of mind.

A plan for safety, delivering peace of mind.

Doctor Rench is a licensed Occupational Therapist in NH & Massachusetts. His doctoral work focused on aging-in-place and the importance of environmental modifications on its success. He holds a senior home safety specialist certification with Age Safe America and also serves their National Director of Health and Safety Product Sales. Additionally, he holds a home improvement contractors license in Massachusetts and is fully insured as a safety consultant and contractor.

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When I was in high school, I worked as a carpenter’s apprentice and have continued earning an income as a carpenter since. Additionally, I have been an occupational therapist since 2002, serving in many roles including, clinician, manager, clinical trainer, director, and regional director. In 2007, I started acquiring a real estate portfolio, acquiring a large portfolio, which enabled me to hone my skills in the built environment and the regulatory climate. In 2014, while working as a homecare clinician I noticed that I was frequently making recommendations for simple home modifications and that my clients were having difficulty finding people to implement these recommendations. I also noticed that many client’s wanted to remain in their homes until the very end of their lives! Often, just minor support was required and minor modifications were needed to enable this. After my mother fell in 2017, I knew it was time to get this business started.

Our CEO earned his doctorate in occupational therapy from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. I am a licensed occupational therapist in NH and Massachusetts. I have specialty certifications in dementia, low vision, manual therapy. Additionally, he serves as the National Director of Health and Safety Product Sales for Age Safe America and is a certified senior home safety specialist. He holds a home improvement contractors license in Massachusetts and is fully insured as a safety consultant, and as a contractor. All of our staff are certified senior home safety specialists.

Services include safety assessments, geriatric technology installation, grab bar installation, bathroom and kitchen disability modification, wheelchair ramps, and dementia modifications. We are client-centered and collaborative. We are very client centered and collaborative. We prefer to meet with you and see your space to determine the most cost-effective way to serve you and your loved ones. We are dealers and installers for Clean Cut Bath Systems, EZ Access ramps and lift products, Freedom Showers and lift systems, and the Electronic Caregiver suite of geriatric technology products. Additionally, we procure and install any items necessary for safety in your home.

We do several aging in place services: • Dementia proofing a home • Hoarding management • Weekly check in services • Monthly or quarterly maintenance and inspections (change smoke alarm batteries, replace light bulbs, replace air and water filters, hand curtains, etc.) • 240 point comprehensive home safety assessment • Expert witness for legal cases pertaining to home safety and fall prevention • Installation of adaptive equipment • Coordination of care for cleaning service, contractors, home health care, private duty homecare • Wireless camera systems • Lighting • Accessibility Construction And so much more. We tailor each case to the needs of our clients and try to find the best way to serve them.

We are a very cost effective solution for you or your loved one. A month in a skilled nursing facility runs at $11,000+. A month in an assisted living facility is $5,000+. Most of the time the cost of our work is a fraction of a month for one of these places. We did a project for a 98 year old woman in NH who needed about $6500 worth of modifications done to her home. Her son said that she had lived in this home for 75 years and wanted to remain their for the rest of her life. She had taken a fall and was in a skilled nursing facility. When I quoted them the cost of the work, her son reported that it was approximately 15 days at the rehab facility and wanted to know when we could get out there to do the work. We received a call about 4 months after we finished reporting that his mother had passed away. He reported that she was able to live in her home until the end of her life and that we had saved them over $35,000 in expenses compared to her having to be in the skilled nursing facility. Not to mention, she was able to pass away in her home! Value, both financially and psychologically for her and her loved ones. We aim to provide this for everyone!

We can install any kind you want, but we personally prefer Moen products. We also prefer peened (textured) grip bars as the texture provides extra feedback when fingers may be impaired by circulation or neuropathy. We have several in stock at all times and pride ourselves on rapid response time to your requests for install.

Electronic Caregiver (ECG) is the most state of the art fall safety device on the market. They were the “talk of the town” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. This system does so much more than “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” It provides 8 times per day medication reminders, 2x per day wellness checks, has a caregiver monitoring app to keep medical records current, notify of appointments, and monitor for patient activity and location, it has a telemedicine service, PocketMD, that is available, and does automatic fall detection. It is waterproof and uses AT&T 4G wireless and GPS satellites to triangulate your position. Everyone who receives your emergency call is a trained emergency medical dispatcher. Best yet, it is a US based company, with US based customer support! Visit them at We come to your house and activate the system and train you in its use…further separating us from the competition!

In addition to building product construction, we install EZ access products, which are aluminum and precision engineered. They range from portable to semi-permanent systems and are installed without a permit from the town. We install them to ADA standards for slope and find the most suitable location on your property for the installation. Our wheelchair lifts are from Freedom Lift Systems, and our ceiling lift

Clean Cut bath is a cost effective solution to a complete bathroom remodel. With this system, we cut out a section of your tub wall, reinforce inside, and install a step through insert. The project takes 2 of us a few hours to do and the bathroom is ready for use again in 36 hours! It is 1/10 the cost of installing a walk in shower and is often a very feasible solution for clients who need a cost effective and safe solution.

Excellent question! We don’t just install grab bars, we work with you to find determine the best location based on your unique habits. Do you have a narrow doorway where a walker doesn’t fit? Is the man of the house 6’5 and the woman 5’2? Do you stand in the shower or sit? How high is the toilet? Do I have proper lighting to safely get from the bedroom to the bathroom? Am I safe in the kitchen? How am I able to get the mail? How can we keep Mom from wandering? The clinical reasoning aspect of our business is our greatest asset. We are not installers, we are problem solvers! We don’t just know HOW, we know WHY!

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